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- Kevin James Breaux

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Top 10 Favorite Stephen King Novels

Stephen King is one of the first horror novelist I ever read when I was in middle school.  The first novel of his that I was exposed to was “It” but because the page count was astoundingly high I decided to go with “Misery” as the first novel of his I ever read.  My mother was a huge fan and had a variety of his works for me to choose from and “Misery” seemed like the perfect fit for me.  Ever since then I’ve been a fan.  No I can’t say that I’ve read all his novels and for a good decade I missed a lot but he’s always been one of the novelist I consider “comfort” food and therefore I thought would be a great person to highlight for a “Top 10” list.  The following list is in no particular order.  I would love to read your comments and feel free to post your own list:

1.       Misery
2.       The Shining
3.       The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
4.       Carrie
5.       Gerald’s Game
6.       Skeleton Crew
7.       Storm of the Century
8.       The Green Mile
9.       On Writing
10.   Thinner

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