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- Kevin James Breaux

Monday, October 8, 2018

Film Review: SLENDER MAN (2018)

I wish there was a way in which I can say that there is some way to craft a “good” film based on the urban legend of Slender Man but the film SLENDER MAN (2018) probably isn’t quite it.  Joey King stars a Wren who with her girlfriends set out to call the Slender Man but when one of her girlfriends goes missing, Wren realizes that maybe the urban legend is real.

The plot borrows from everything from Candyman to Urban Legends but has none of the spark of any of those.  It is no secret that the film under went forced re shoots due to some people claiming the film insensitive to the original case that inspired the film and that the film just didn’t test well in front of test audiences, but the final product is “dead on arrival.”  There is simply too much CGI (especially in the third act) and the logic for the film goes out the window somewhere at the half way point.

I actually like the more stylistic cinematography and editing (by Luca Del Puppo and Jake York, respectfully) and which is was more consistent throughout because the more artistic choices made the film more interesting.  The problem is that the final film relies on too many standard jump scares and follows too many horror tropes that are cliché.    I did love the score by Brandon Campbell and Ramin Djawadi which is the true highlight of the film.

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