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- Kevin James Breaux

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Film Review: DEATH RACE 2 (2010)

Death Race 2 (2010) is a prequel to the original film that centers on the beginning of the prison system reality game Death Race.  This film starts at where it all began with mob criminal Carl ‘Luke’ Lucas (Luke Goss) getting sent to prison after being apprehended after a botched bank robbery. 

At prison the talk of the town is the show Death Match in which inmates fight each other to the death.  It’s a program orchestrated by manipulative September Jones (Lauren Cohen) who works for Weyland (Ving Rhames) whose corporation owns the prison system and a broadcasting network.  After Jones sees the greater potential in Lucas she decides to convince Weyland to invest in a new venture called Death Race, in which inmates are given supped up cars in a death defying race over the course of three days and which is broadcast live for public consumption.

Lucas only has the help of his pit crew lead by Goldberg (Danny Trejo) and his navigator Katrina (Tanit Phoenix Copley) to help him get through the death race and survive when everyone around him wants him dead.

Roel Reine takes over as director of this sequel from the original’s Paul W.S. Anderson (who is producer and came up with the story on this film).  The screenplay is by Tony Giglio who does a fine time crafting a film that essentially is designed to help set up events in the first film.  Goss is no Jason Statham but he does a fine job as the lead in this film.  Although the film is not a great film by any stretch of the imagination it is very fun and exciting and plays directly to fans of the original film and these type of films in general.

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