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- Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Film Review: WRONG TURN VI: LAST RESORT (2014)

The Wrong Turn franchise is now one of longest running modern horror franchises since the 2003 original.  It thrives as straight to DVD/BD/Digital entertainment mixing gore horror with your typical teen slasher aesthetics.  Wrong Turn VI: Last Resort (2014) is the latest in the franchise.

Inbred-hillbilly family of Saw Tooth, One Eye and Three Finger return to menace a new group of people that happen to cross their paths in their forest.  The family now find themselves at a holiday retreat that’s famous for its warm springs and healing abilities and which also holds secrets that are directly associated with the family.  At the same time Danny and his girlfriend Toni (Anthony Ilott and Aqueela Zoll, respectfully) arrive just after Danny discovers that he has inherited the hotel.  With a group of his friends, Danny decides that he really needs to return to the retreat in order to learn who his real family was.  With a new location to hide in One Eye and his brothers have a whole new playground of playmates and new ways to kill.

If you’ve seen any of the previous Wrong Turn films then you know what you’re in for.  The only difference is that the focus has now turned to One Eye and his brothers and extended family as we learn more about their history and where they came from.  Written by Frank H. Woodward and directed by Valeri Milev this film is an improvement over the previous film but still suffers from what’s been plaguing the last few films which is uninspired death scenes (for the diehard gore fans) and the fact that there is no suspense to be had in the film because of the predictability.  To enjoy this film you have to want to know more about One Eye and his family.

The Wrong Turn franchise has run its course but by the way this film ends it is just beginning as the future of the franchise lies in focusing on the hillbilly killing family.

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