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- Kevin James Breaux

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Film Review: SUPER CYCLONE (2012)

When a deep sea oil drilling rig breaks into the mantel of the Earth’s crust the sudden release of heat creates a chain reaction of heating the surrounding water and changing the climate of the surrounding area creating a super cyclone that threatens the Eastern seaboard.  This is the premise behind Super Cyclone (2012) in which Ming-Na Wen is Dr. Jenna Sparks, a meteorologist, who is brought in with her colleague Dr. Percy Cavanaugh (Andy Clemence) to help the military get a hold of the situation.  Along for the ride is Travis Verdon (Nicholas Turturo), a petroleum engineer whose rig is responsible for the disaster.  The three of them must battle a plague of escalating disasters in the hopes of avoiding a super cyclone that will devastate the eastern seaboard and usher in irreversible global climate changes. 

Written and directed by Liz Adams the film suffers from a plot that should have been condensed to a thirty minute film rather than fluffed up to a feature.  Sparks, Cavanaugh, and Verdon seem to go from one disaster to the next all due to their own “stupidity.”  Turturo and Wen have no chemistry together whereas Wen and Clemence do (which is a shame since they have only a few scenes together).  This is a tedious film that lacks focus despite its simplicity.  It’s not nearly as entertaining as it should be for this type of film.

Disaster films should at least be entertaining but this film falls flat in every way including the bad CGI but most importantly the film suffers from what plagues most of these types of films which is a lack of believing that the main characters are actually whom they claim to be in the film.  You never believe Turturo is an engineer and Wen was better off a doctor of medicine in the hit T.V. show E.R. than as a meteorologist .  All in all, this is an easily forgettable film with little to offer even the most die-hard of bad CGI, disaster flicks.

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