Zombies are the middle children of the otherworldly family. Vampires are the oldest brother who gets to have a room in the attic, all tripped out with a disco ball and shag carpet. Werewolves are the youngest, the babies, always getting pinched and told they're cute. With all that attention stolen away from the middle child zombie, no wonder she shuffles off grumbling, "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha."

- Kevin James Breaux

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Film Review: MURDER PARTY (2007)

It’s Halloween Eve and everyone is out to party, except Chris (Chris Sharp) a recluse who is a fly on the wall until he finds an invitation to a “Murder Party” that he thinks is for him.  This is the start of the satire of writer/director Jeremy Saulnier’s Murder Party (2007).  Chris is a simply man who has spent his life avoiding conflict of any kind.  He even lets his house cat win all the arguments between them.  When he’s given the invitation he decides to come up with his own costume and attend. 

Chris travels across the city to this underground party filled with lots of the artistic types only to learn that the “murder party” is his own.  He is quickly subdued and tied up as the group decides the most artistic way to torture and/or kill Chris.  Chris finds himself in a world of people who are trying to be the best in their own respective mediums (one is a filmmaker, one a photographer, one a painter, etc.).  Chris is naïve to the artist world but soon he becomes one with the idea when he has to find a way to survive.

The great thing about this film is that Chris is no hero and he really doesn’t have much of a clue as be bumbles his way from one incident to the next.  He’s like the average Joe who might be a tad bit slow on the up take but so are his captors who each have their own agendas and will stop at nothing to rise to the top.  I do have to hand it to Saulnier and his excellent cast that they know how to balance the comedy with the horror and gore because by the end it is a total artistic bloodbath.  This is actually a much better film than expected that is never predictable and always funny.

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