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- Kevin James Breaux

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Film Review: KILLER MOUNTAIN (2011)

Monsters have become a mainstay in low budget horror film arena.  Ever since Alien (1979) became a Box Office and audience hit film makers have been trying to create the next big monster film franchise (of which only the Predator films seem to have done).   This is the sub-genre of horror of which the film Killer Mountain (2011) belongs.
When the team of mountain climbers lead by Kate Donovan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) go missing during a snow storm, her husband Ward (Aaron Douglas) is hired to mount a rescue team.  As Ward and his team quickly ascend the mountain they learn that the previous team had a previous agenda on the mountain and that this agenda led to them encountering an unknown creature that uses the mountain to hunt and kill its prey.  Now time is running out for Ward as he tries to find and save Kate while also trying to find a way to keep his team alive when the mountain just wants all of them dead.
Having the film take place on a mountain is a welcomed change in location from the typical horror film and despite the usual low budget CGI the monsters in this film are not half that bad.  Vaugier, as usual, does a good job of keeping the film more on the serious side rather than the comedy-horror route that most other horror films have taken.    She has been a horror genre icon in such films as Saw II (2005) and Saw IV (2007), Mirrors 2 (2010), Hysteria (2010), Dolan’s Cadillac (2009), Unearthed (2007), Cerberus (2005), and House of the Dead 2 (2005), to name a few.  She has a great rapport with co-star Douglas and both keep the film moving along even when the film gets convoluted in the third act.
The film is never dull and there is enough to be had in the film to appease both the horror and sci-fi fans.

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