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- Kevin James Breaux

Monday, August 31, 2015

Film Review: LOCKED IN A ROOM (2012)

I was bored less than twenty minutes into this film Locked in a Room (2012).  This is a Saw-like film in which three teenagers are locked up in separate rooms and forced to endure some psychological and physical torture by some masked individuals if they don’t answer specific questions.   The film is edited in a frenetic style to give the film more immediacy and the cinematography is dark and moody but that doesn’t save a film which has nothing to say. 

It tries so much to be like a Saw film in which the individuals enduring the torture are supposed to learn something about themselves but fails miserably because the performances are all around pretty poor.  This is a film that tries so hard to be good but there are so many things wrong that it can’t possibly save itself.   For this style of film it’s all about leaving your brain at home, completely.

There’s nothing saving this film unless you enjoy these types of brain-dead films but there are some interesting costume designs and makeup applications for the people who keep the teenagers captive.  An utterly forgettable film.

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