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- Kevin James Breaux

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Film Review: HATCHET III (2013)

Infamous urban legend Victory Crowley returns to kill again in Hatchet III (2013) which takes place directly after the previous film.  There are a few differences most importantly that writer/director Adam Green is not behind the camera this time but instead just on board as writer and producer of this film while BJ McDonnell is making his directorial debut after having worked in the camera department on the previous two films in the franchise. 

The film finds the sole survivor of the previous film Marybeth (Danielle Harris) walking into the police headquarters having killed Victor Crowley by cutting up into many pieces.  The police lead by Sheriff Fowler (Zach Galligan) take her into custody as a suspect in the murders of almost 30 people (victims from the previous film).  It’s not long before the spirit of Victor Crowley returns to kill everyone that enters his swamp which includes an entire police department and S.W.A.T. team (among paramedics and various other people).  Along for the ride is disgraced reporter Amanda (Caroline Williams), who also happens to be the Sheriff’s ex-wife and an expert on the legend of Crowley.

I happened to really enjoy the first film in the Hatchet series and while I didn’t care much for the first sequel, I loved the addition of Danielle Harris as Marybeth and who doesn’t like Kane Hodder as the immortal Victor Crowley?  This film tries to finally explain the whole legend of Crowley but quickly becomes a kill-spree free for all with some imaginative kills.  It lacks finesse but it is extremely fun and actor Parry Shen returns as another different character in the film.

Gore and slasher fans will enjoy this film tremendously but as a stand-alone film it doesn’t really hold up as well as the previous films.

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