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- Kevin James Breaux

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Film Review: BARRICADE (2012)

Psychological thrillers that take place with an isolated group of people in a cabin are a dime a dozen (I’m sure you’ve seen a few in your time) and you’ll be forgiven for overlooking the film Barricade (2012).  Terrance Shade (Eric McCormack) is still not over the accidental death of his wife Leah (Jody Thompson) but he’s been thrust into caring for his two young children.  In order to get to know his children better (because taking care of the children was what his wife did best) he takes them to their cabin in the woods where their mother grew up. 

The moment Terrance and his kids get to the cabin he is reminded of his wife and the guilt that he has over her death but that doesn’t scratch the surface of what he is about to be thrust into as he soon begins to think that maybe they are not alone at the cabin and that an outside force may be trying to get inside.  Now Terrance will do whatever it takes to keep his family safe but he’ll have to come to terms with the guilt over his wife and become the father he’s never been in order to not only save and protect his children but himself as well.

In any typical film with this set up I wouldn’t really give it the time of day but this film actually has a really intelligent script by Michaelbrent Collins who manages to always make the film about character instead of the next “jump scare.”  The film hinges on McCormack’s better than expected performance as Terrance, a man with newfound responsibility and journey to becoming a better father.  Directed by Andrew Currie the film has a great look especially when the action shifts to the snow covered landscape of the cabin.    The film betrays its horror film roots by actually continuing to be character driven even when fantasy and reality start to meld together in the third act.

This is one of the better films out there that definitely deserves a look at.

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