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- Kevin James Breaux

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Book Review: INSOMNIA by Katarina Sokolova

Katarina Sokolova’s Insomnia is a mixture of amazing artwork and vivid prose poetry.  Sokolova’s artwork is very much rooted in erotic fantasy and fables.  Her photoshoped artwork is extremely detailed and vivid in the use of her color palette which shifts depending upon the piece.  For her “Masks and Angels” she relies on her light blue and lavender pastels which bolds well for her three images that accompany this piece. 

Sokolova is also very fond of her use of reds (in pieces like “Chio-Chio-San” and “Summer Ends” and “Red Rose Petals”) or blues (in “The Odor of Feelings” and “The Colors of My Life”).  What is most appealing is her perspective on love and life in such pieces as “Choosing Oneself” and “About Love on the Inside” and “A Woman’s Loneliness” and “Love and Pain.”  Sokolova’s skill in using the artwork to accent the prose (and vice versa) is what makes her book so captivating.

Her artwork will appeal to both those looking for great artwork as well as those seeking out great prose writing as she has a very good handle of both.  This is a great addition to any one’s collection of art books.

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