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- Kevin James Breaux

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Short Film Review: STRUCTURE KILL (2012)

If you’re a horror film fan then you are very familiar with the scene in the film where a lone woman is walking through a parking garage at night to her car and something awful happens.  This is the basis for the short film Structure Kill (2012) which describes a masked killer who is just having a really bad day. 

A young woman (Genevieve Farrell) walks through a parking garage to her car.  She is spooked by the eerie silence and can’t wait to get into the safety of her car only when she fills gets into her car she is suddenly spooked by the masked killer (Jake Nordwind) waiting to stab her.  All does not go as plan for the killer as he fell asleep in the back seat while waiting for the woman and now must explain his actions to her before he kills her.  What follows is a farce of killer clichés.

For the most part some of the jokes actually do work but the Samara references from The Ring (2002) seem a little out of place and neither Farrell nor Nordwind and pull off the comedy when the jokes fall flat.  This being said it is an interesting concept for a short film.  Directed by Stephen Vitale (who is also the cinematographer and editor) the film looks good as it is confined to a single location for the most part and it moves at a brisk pace leaving no fat on the bone so its short comings are slight at best.

You can watch the film on FearNet here - http://www.fearnet.com/shorts/structure-kill

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