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- Kevin James Breaux

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Graphic Novel Review: DEXTER DOWN UNDER

Novelist Jeff Lindsay returns to the comic book world with his second Dexter graphic novel Dexter Down Under from Marvel Comics.  This version of Dexter Morgan, the “blood-splatter” export from Miami is more in line with the novels and less with the television series but fans of both will be satisfied with where Lindsay has decided to take his most favorite creation which is to Australia. 

Dexter’s non-fiction book on blood-splatter analysis “New Techniques in Pattern Analysis of Blood-Splatter Inflicted by Non-Blunt Force Traumas” has just been published and he’s trying to enjoy what little fame it brings but it seems that only the police force that appreciates his talents are in Australia as they have asked him to consult on a series of murders involving illegal immigrant families that may be racially motivated.  Lead on the Australian murders is Sergeant Shawna Wiggs who is determined to discover who is behind the murders which Dexter seems to have a keen sense on but the deeper they dig the bigger the conspiracy becomes until the danger is right at their doorsteps.

Dalibor Talajic is the artist whose style contributes nicely with Lindsay’s words.  This is a story that is more concerned with the mystery and the discovery of the murderer than simple bloodshed (although there is plenty of that) and fits well within the world of the books and the television show as its own standalone episode.  It’s great to see Dexter out of his normal elements but realize just how similar the world of Australia is to his own in Miami.  I actually hope that Lindsay continues to produce these short standalone tales of everyone’s favorite serial killer.

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