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- Kevin James Breaux

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Film Review: SEPTIC MAN (2013)

A town is being evacuated due to a water contamination crisis.  Jack (Jason David Brown) is the local Septic Man just trying to get his pregnant wife Shelley (Molly Dunsworth) to safety when a mysterious man by the name Phil Prosser (Julian Richings) tasks Jack with finding out what is contaminating the water in exchange for financial stability for him and his family.  This is the basis for film Septic Man (2013). 

Jack is a man trying to do well by his family but gets trapped in a septic pit with no way out.  He soon discovers the true terror he is in as the septic pit is crawling with dead bodies and other biological monstrosities.  He is stuck in a cesspool that the longer he remains the more he changes becoming one with the cesspool.  He also soon discovers that this septic pit is the dumping ground of a pair of serial killers who want to keep their hideaway a secret.  As Jack spends more time in the septic pit he starts to lose touch with reality.

Written by Tony Burgess and directed by Jesse Thomas Cook this is a slow building film as it takes its time allowing the audience to watch Jack mental and physical deterioration.  This film is not for everyone.  It’s like an extended version of watching Jeff Goldblum’s Seth Brundle from The Fly (1986) go through his slow transformation for 90 minutes.  The other problem is that it doesn’t really go anywhere for much of the second act as we are simply watching Jack slowly deteriorate and go mad.  The serial killer part of the story is interesting but doesn’t really fit within the confines of the story but it needs something to keep the plot propelling forward or there wouldn’t be much of a film.

This being said, the overall film has great production values and is a visually disturbing concoction (so you gore fans should be pleased).

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