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- Kevin James Breaux

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Film Review: THE FAMILIAR (2009)

Sam (Bryan Massey) has kept to himself ever since his wife passed away but when his wife’s sister Laura (Laura Spencer) unexpectedly shows up on his doorstep strange things start to happen.  This is the premise of writer/director Miles Hanon’s film The Familiar (2009) and indie film that forces the main character Sam to confront his personal demons. 

Sam has shied away from everyone he knows since his wife died finding solace by being alone and dealing with his emotions in his own way.  When his wife’s estranged sister shows up, he takes her in feeling obligated to help the free spirit out.  It’s not long before Laura starts to manipulate Sam but is it Laura or something more sinister as Sam slowly begins to believe that Laura is being possessed by a spirit named Rallo.  Now he must find a way to save Laura as well as save himself.

Hanon’s film is mostly held together by the fine performances of the actors rather than the script itself with is slightly bland and unoriginal.  This is the beauty of most independent films in that they may not always have ground breaking screenplays but they do allow the actors to shine and show their stuff.  The cinematography and musical score are also fine so overall the film is not half bad.

Unfortunately, the bland title may have caused many to overlook the film or worse yet made audiences look at the film as simply derivative which can be the case with many of these types of films but as an indie film there is some smart talent behind the film that rest assured you will see more of in the future if they keep up the fine work.

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