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- Kevin James Breaux

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Film Review: GRABBERS (2012)

The film Tremors (1990) became an instant success upon its release.  Its clever mix of comedy, adventure and horror made it an instant success with audiences.  Its spawned three sequels and a short lived television series not to mention a plethora of imitators of which the UK/Ireland co-production Grabbers (2012) can be included.  When the residents of a small town off the coast Ireland suddenly start disappearing the local police officers discover that they was being invaded by multi-tentacled aliens who want to make them all into their need meal.   They soon discover that these aliens live off blood and blood filled with alcohol is as dangerous to them as garlic to the traditional vampire.  Now in order to survive the night and save the rest of the town the police officers try to remain as drunk as possible to keep the aliens away until reinforcements arrive. 

Like Tremors with the relationship between Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward’s characters, there is a lot of humor had between the local cop O’Shea (Richard Coyle) and the new cop to the town Nolan (Ruth Bradley) as their ideas collide at every turn yet they are forced to work together to overcome a great menace.  The CGI for the grabbers, as they are called by one of the characters, is outstanding and used to elevate the production value for the film.  There is an equally great supporting cast for the film as well some of which have some great moments as drunks or when facing the grabbers themselves.

Written by Kevin Lehane and directed by Jon Wright there are a lot of great moments in the film.  If there is anything wrong with the film it’s that it feels like it borrowed too heavily from other films such as Tremors, Gremlins (1984), Critters (1986), or other similarly themed films.  The only thing that does set it apart is seeing how drunk the characters act when coming face to face with the grabbers, which is more than worth giving the film a look.  What the film lacks in originality it more than makes up for it in the entertainment area and execution of the material.

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