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- Kevin James Breaux

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Film Review: KILL KATIE MALONE (2010)

There are two types of B-Movies for the horror fan.  There are those like Army of Darkness (1992) which is big budget studio films that are fun and entertaining, and then there are films like Sharknado (2013), a film that plays on the lowest common denominator that has cheesy SFX but delivers on the entertainment value and little else.  Kill Kate Malone (2010) lies somewhere in between. 

Headlined by Dean Cain as a professor who sales a mysterious box online to three unsuspecting friends.  This box seems to contain the ghost of a Katie Malone who will grant the owner of the box wishes once the box is open.  When the three college friends open the box they unwillingly unleash a vengeful spirit that decides to kill everyone that poses a problem for the three friends.  Soon the three friends come to realize that the ghost of Katie Malone has her own agenda for them.

Kill Katie Malone has a very simple premise but its heart is firmly planted with horror fans as the SFX are better than expected and the action is fast with very little down time spent on over characterizations.  The gore is plentiful and there are some interesting kills throughout.  This film was tailor made for the horror fan and delivers on all the requirements of a good B-Movie especially on the entertainment value.

If there is a bad thing to say about this B-Movie it’s that Dean Cain isn’t in the film enough as he makes a brief cameo in the film.  Otherwise the rest of the young cast does a capable job of carrying the film and the premise has enough original ideas to keep even the most jaded fan entertained.  There will always be better films out there than most B-Movies but Kill Katie Malone is one B-Movie that won’t disappoint.

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