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- Kevin James Breaux

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Film Review: BLOOD RUNS COLD (2011)

Every once in a while there comes a film that’s so “simple” in its execution that it should be considered a bad film but for some reason becomes what we call a “guilty pleasure.”  Blood Runs Cold (2011) is one of these films for me.  It’s got a very simple premise but the way in which it is executed makes it so much fun to watch. 

The film concerns Winona (Hanna Oldenburg) who is an artist looking to get away from a stressful life.  Her manager rents her a house in the middle of nowhere.  One night away from the house she runs into an old boyfriend and friends of which they decide to go back to her house for a nightcap.  Winona and her friends get more than what they bargained for when they realize that there is something else in the house with them and all it wants it blood.  This hack & slash film should be an easily forgotten film but this killer is an unstoppable force with no reason or method to his madness.  Now Winona must find a way to survive by becoming the hunter instead of the hunted.

Written by Sonny Laguna (who also directs) and David Liljeblad this is a nonstop chase film once the horror truly begins.  There is a short set up of the characters before all hell breaks but once it does Winona is never let off the hook and it becomes an exciting kill or be killed scenario.  There may be no original ideas in Blood Runs Cold but it is a well done film in which the film makers realize that despite the simple premise of the film the execution is exciting and entertaining and that is what will elevate the film above the other cannon fodder out there.  This is a film more for horror fans than the casual viewer as only the fans will enjoy the end result of the film and appreciate it.

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